January News: Upcoming Photoshoots, Bevo’s Recipe & More

Bring your pup to Beverly’s Pet Resort January 19th from 11am-2pm to meet Frosty the Snowman!

For just $35 each pup will receive a park play session, a goodie bag, and a framed photo for their pawrents. (Price is per dog. Daycare / Boarding fee not included)

Call 317-773-6550 to sign your dog up for their photos. Spots are limited so act now!

Things to Look Out for: Love, Leprechauns, and Spring Break

Love will make your dog take flight this Valentine’s Day
Bring your pup in for a Valentine’s Photoshoot on February 14th from 11am-2pm. Details to come.

St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot
Bring your pups to Beverly’s Pet Resort for St. Patty’s Shenanigans March 17th from 11am-2pm. Details to come.

Who Needs Luck When You're This Cute?

Spring Break will be here before you know it.
Dream your spring break trip today and book your pups vacation before it’s too late. Call 317-773-6550 or book online to secure your reservation.

Bevo’s Recipe of the Month: Snowflake Pops for Pups


  • 16 oz plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • ½ cup of Blueberries
  • 1 Banana – diced
  • Snowflake Shaped Silicone Mold


  • Stir together greek yogurt and peanut butter until smooth and well incorporated. Set aside.
  • In silicone mold, drop 2-3 blueberries and/or banana pieces in each. Depending on how big or the shape of your molds, you may need a couple more or less.
  • Fill each mold with yogurt mixture. Once all the molds are filled, tap the tray on the counter 2-3 times to level.
  • Place flat in freezer for at least 5 hours. Once frozen, pop out of silicone molds and place in airtight container.

Bevo’s Joke of the Month

Why did frosty turn yellow?

Ask the dog.

Photos From Our Mr. Claus Photoshoot

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