Indianapolis-Area Dog Owners Get Casting Call From MTV Series “True Life”

We have been contacted by a Casting Director at MTV Networks, currently working on True Life – the long-running, award-winning documentary series featuring young people sharing their stories, in their own words.  The series is currently exploring the theme of young pet owners whose lives are in disarray and whose relationships are being affected negatively because they can’t control their pet(s).

And they want your help! They are looking for pet owners that face these difficulties to appear on the show. As Clarisa from MTV said in her email, “It could be an eye-opening, amazing learning experience — and hopefully they’ll get to a more peaceful place.” Here’s the information she provided:

MTV’s award-winning documentary series True Life is looking to tell the stories of young pet owners whose lives are being disrupted due to a certain pet that they love.  Is the problem with the animal… or the human?  Who is being affected?  What needs to happen moving forward?  If you appear to be 15-28 years old and have an issue with the pet in your home, MTV wants to hear your story!!! Please email us at and include your name, phone number, location, a recent photo and a brief explanation about how your pet is affecting your life and those around you in a negative manner.

Anyone out there want to be a TV star? Here’s your chance.