Indianapolis Increases Pet Services As Area Animal Shelters Reduce Dog & Cat Euthanasia Rate

An article posted yesterday on reported on the work being done to improve the quality of life of stray dogs and cats in the Indianapolis area. The article also discusses how the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control shelter has made changes to help reduce the euthanasia rate in their care over the last few years.

According to the article, the rate of animals released alive by the shelter went up from 39% in 2008 to almost 49% in 2011, and has risen even higher over the last few months.

The article takes a look at the history of the shelter and the issues it has faced over the years, including the fact that 8,147 animals had to be euthanized last year because of space limitations or other reasons, including sickness or age.

The article also details the efforts being taken to lower that number by Mayor Ballard, the Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council, and the Humane Society of Indianapolis, which focus on three primary areas:

  1. Raising money to help promote spay and neuter programs by charging residents of other counties a $40.00 drop-off fee for unwanted animals.
  2. The Humane Society of Indianapolis plans to open a low-cost vaccinations clinic inside the new Westside Animal Welfare Center in July, expanding access to basic shots needed to keep pets healthy.
  3. A $750,000 fundraising campaign to add low-cost spay and neutering services at the Animal Welfare Center, with a goal of 10,000 sterilization surgeries a year within the first three years if they are successful in raising the needed start-up costs.

We encourage everyone to help reduce euthanasia rate, and do what you can to help in this effort to improve the lives of all Indianapolis-area dogs and cats.

Indianapolis Lost Dog Website & Social Network Helps Find Missing Pets

We just found out about a great new website, Indy Lost Pet Alert, which is managed by a local pet-lover whose goal is “reuniting Indianapolis and surrounding area lost pets with their families.”

Indy Lost Pet Alert on Facebook
Click Image Above to Visit and Follow Indy Lost Pet Alert on Facebook

It is rather ingenious to use the power of the internet and social networking to locate a missing precious pet, so we are passing along this information to you.

The organizer of this free-of-charge website and social network for people who have lost or found pets in the Indianapolis area is Danielle Beck, a former marketing manager for a local Humane Society.

As Danielle stated in an email she sent us, “We are just pet lovers who would want someone to do the same for us if we lost our pet!”

Lost, and found, pet notices can be posted on their Facebook page, which in just two months gained nearly 1,000 fans and has helped reunite dozens of pets with their families!

According to Danielle, “Indianapolis has such a wonderful, strong, loving pet community!  I was bothered that there was no central system for shelters to post their lost and found pets – so hopefully we can continue to build this site and decrease the number of strays entering our shelters.”

If your pet goes missing, or if you want to join the effort to reunite lost pets with their loved ones, visit

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest lost and found Indy area pet alerts. Share their posts with your friends to help increase the chance that pets will be reunited with their families!

We just want to say thanks to Danielle and everyone at Indy Lost Pet Alert for the valuable service they are providing to out community. Let’s all show them our support.