Meet Teresa (20 Years at Beverly’s)

Meet Teresa (20 Years at Beverly's)

Teresa manages the operations at Beverly’s Pet Resort with enthusiasm and efficiency, as well as a deep sense of love and caring for every precious pet we serve. She joined our staff 20 years ago, shortly after we first opened our doors, and we’re not sure what we’d do without her.

Teresa has her own two dogs, an 8-year-old Chocolate Lab named Hot Rod and a one-and-a-half-year-old Lab mix named Rumble. When asked what she loves most about Hot Rod, Teresa sweetly sighs, "She’s my baby," in a loving tone that might cause a little bit of jealousy in her daughter Brooke, whom we previously spotlighted. Rumble is Teresa’s "cuddle-bug."

Her favorite place to bring her dogs is to Beverly’s (it’s true), but when she can’t do that she loves playing fetch with them in her yard. "They like to throw the stick."

Teresa’s favorite treat is a Snickers bar. Her dogs like to snack on ice cubes, carrots and "Malibus," the delicious treats from Malibu Dog Kitchen.

When Teresa was ten years old, she owned her first dog, Kizzy, a brown Dachshund mix named after a character in the TV mini-series Roots. When asked what recent movie she’s enjoyed, Teresa stated, "Mad Max was pretty good."

Teresa grew up in Anderson, Indiana, attended the now-closed Madison Heights High School there, and still lives in her hometown. She’s worked at Beverly’s for two decades, so it’s clear the word "stability" can easily be used to describe her.

Interestingly enough, her favorite vacation spot is Orlando, Florida, which she visits every couple of years or so because her best friend lives there, but she’s never been to Disney World.

If given the opportunity to be home alone on a Sunday afternoon with nothing do, Teresa would choose to catch up on her reading – and perhaps doze off while doing that to catch up on sleeping. Wouldn’t we all?

With much gratitude, we shout out a big “THANK YOU!” to Teresa for everything she does for Beverly’s and all of the guests who visit us.

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Meet Brooke (5 Years at Beverly’s)

The 1-to-1 Personalized Care Your Pet Receives at Beverly’s Comes From the Members of Our Dedicated and Experienced Staff.

We all know that Brooke provides great care to the guests at Beverly’s, but here are a few things you may not know about her: Brooke attended Frankton High School, which is near Anderson, about 20 miles northeast of Beverly’s. She has a one-year-old French bulldog named Lola and they love to walk the trails at Shadyside Park in Anderson.

Brooke’s favorite snack is a Mudslide from DQ (and Lola’s favorite treat is a bacon strip.) Brooke also likes action movies, especially the recently released Furious 7. Her favorite vacation spot is the beach in Fort Myers, Florida. When she is working at Beverly’s, Brooke is responsible for the progress reports we send out via text and she also frequently posts updates and photos on Beverly’s Facebook page.

When asked how long she has been at Beverly’s, Brooke replied, “My whole life!” That’s because she is the daughter of our manager, Teresa, who has been with us for about 20 years. We will tell you a bit more about Teresa in an upcoming post.