Grizzly is Bevo’s Buddy of the Month

In the summer of 2014, a college student purchased a puppy Boxer at a pet store several weeks after the pup was born. Because he was as cute as a cuddly teddy bear, the puppy was named Grizzly, but everyone calls him Griz.

Griz lived in a fraternity house in Bloomington, IN, for a few weeks before the student realized that raising the rapidly growing puppy in a frat house was not the best idea – and he couldn’t bring him home to his parents’ house. He gave Griz as a gift to a fellow student at IU, Katie, who was able to bring Griz to her home to grow up as a companion to a 13-year-old Boxer, Hannah, who was rescued from a shelter many years ago.

Griz now happily resides in the Noblesville home of Katie’s mother, Sandi. He and Hanna have become great friends and they like to sleep near each other. He recently turned 1 year old and thoroughly enjoyed the big celebration Sandi threw in his honor. 

Griz is a very tidy eater and his favorite between-meals treat is Milk-Bone® Kibbles. According to Sandi, Griz also likes to chew on just about anything else he can fit in his mouth, especially blankets. When he tried to chew the woodwork in the house, that’s where Sandi drew the line. She enrolled him in kennel school to end that tendency and to also potty train him. Griz’s behavior is now much-improved.

Griz has recently started taking a huge interest in television programs. He doesn’t have a favorite TV show yet, but he really responds when there are lot of bright lights and movement on the screen.

Sandi does not like leaving Griz in a crate when she goes to work, so he spends lots of time in the Day Care Romp Room at Beverly’s, which has become his home away from home. Griz and Sandi love the 1-to1 personalized care he receives from the staff at Beverly’s, especially when he gets to run around the private and secure 4-acre Beverly’s Bark Park.

Everyone loves Griz, according to Sandi, because he’s "loyal, friendly, energetic – and he definitely loves to play." He’s very adept at fetch and does a good job of returning the ball. He also likes to play independently and amuse himself with his toys. He actually likes to take a toy bone out of his toy basket and then throw it and retrieve it himself. He also likes to kick a ball around the house.

As far as his personality type is concerned, Griz likes to be held and petted and he does not like to be alone. When he is at home he constantly follows Sandi around the house. She states "he’s definitely into people, as well as animals" and believes that may be a result of his having been raised in the frat house during his early months. He’s very interested in all of the kids who ride their bikes and scooters around the cul-de-sac he lives on.

According to Sandi, Griz has high energy and is very spirited, which has rubbed off on Hanna, so it has been fascinating for her to observe how it has rejuvenated the older dog. What’s also fascinating to Sandi is how eager Griz is to go to daycare. When he arrives at Beverly’s Pet Resort "he tries to jump out of the car, he tries to jump in the driver’s seat, and he knows the stop sign right up the road when I stop there."

However, despite his spirited nature, at this point in his young life, Griz is still getting used to riding in a car, so he’s a bit shy of sticking his head out the car window when he’s being driven around town.

Kevin DeTrude, the head honcho here at Beverly’s summed up Griz by stating, "He’s just a super-sweet dog. He’s about as sweet a Boxer as you’ll ever meet."

Griz is one of the many precious pets who has touched our hearts here at Beverly’s. We look forward to telling you a little bit about some of the many other dogs who visit us regularly and brighten our lives, so be sure to check back soon or sign-up for our newsletter.

We really appreciate the time Sandi spent sharing Griz’s story with us, so we could share it with you. Thanks very much, Sandi!

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  1. Sounds like a great dog! I grew up with boxers and absolutely love them. They are such clowns and no one is sad for long around a boxer. Thank you for sharing his story and I look forward to more.


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