Why the “GOOD DOG! ONE-der Class®”

Why the GOOD DOG! ONE-der Class

By Donna Chandler, Canine Trainer and Behaviorist

Why the trademarked “Good Dog! One-der Class®?” Because my one-time dog training class is one of the best values for you, your family and your dog. Very few canine trainers are published authors and approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) on canine training. More than 100 veterinarians in central Indiana recommend this “class.”

Watch These Video Chapters of My Dog Training Class

The Good Dog! ONE-der Class® is a veterinary-approved 24/7 online dog training video class for dogs of all ages and all breeds. The trademarked class includes 4 training exercises to teach the 12 basic commands your dog needs to obey. The class also has lots of useful info about canine behavior, dog ownership, and products to help train and own your dog.


Key Aspects Review

Training is Essential for Good Dog Behavior

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Donna ChandlerI promise you will be relieved and your family will begin to have harmony with your dog when you complete this online video class. I bet your teenagers will get involved with the family on training the dog! You will have a different dog in a week!

Did you know that over 4 million dogs acquired in the United States will be relinquished, abandoned or euthanized this year? The #1 reason is BEHAVIOR. Raising a puppy or bringing an adult dog into a home can be a challenge but also very rewarding.

Simple Training for Successful Behavior

Think about this: You NEVER have to have chewed up furniture, house-training issues, pulling on a walk, not coming to you, etc. I tell all my clients that if you follow the easy rules — 4 different dog training exercises with 12 commands — then you will have the most wonderful canine companion you ever could have imagined.

I used to teach the traditional 6-week dog training course. Usually, the whole family only came once. Then it was Mom or Dad doing all the classes (if they showed up for them all). Families are busy with extra curricular activities and frequently both parents work, but most families want a family dog.


Everyone in the family needs to be on the same page and understand that training your dog involves properly interacting with the dog on a daily basis. That is why I wrote the book Good Dog! and created the “Good Dog! ONE-der Class.” The online video training class allows for 24/7 access on any device, from anywhere with a web connection. You can also go back at your convenience to review chapters of the class. Here’s what you get:

  • ONE online training video class with a lifetime plan for good dog behavior. The “class” takes less than two hours, but you can re-watch it to help you absorb all of the information. The “class” teaches you how to train your dog or puppy just by interacting with him/her on a daily basis.
  • Covers everything from how to bring a new puppy home—or an older dog—all the way up until the new puppy is an adult or the older dog’s new behavior becomes habitual.
  • The 5 Golden Rules to House-Training
  • The commands of “Come,” “Go to your Bed,” “Down,” “Stay,” “Wait,” “Leave-it,” “Take,” “Let’s Go Potty,” “Off,” “Up,” “Drop-it,” and “Kennel Up.”
  • How to go on a walk with the dog and involve the children, who learn how to do positive reinforcement of the training – and also how to cook!
  • After your you and family have completed the class and started training your dog, I can be reached via e-mail.

My revolutionary online video dog training class is now available to your dog and your family through Beverly’s Pet Resort in Fishers, Indiana. This one-of-a-kind class is for puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds.

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Chapters of the Good Dog! ONE-der Class

  1. Introduction (4:05)
  2. Dog Whispering (0:33)
  3. Guidelines for Children (0:55)
  4. Operant Training (2:39)
  5. Fear Period x 2 (1:12)
  6. Training Aides and Concepts for a Smooth Process (0:37)
  7. Life-Changing Walking Formula (3:00)
  8. Habitual Behavior (1:58)
  9. Indoor Leash (Date Off) – (2:25)
  10. Treats / Food Motivation (1:35)
  11. Marking Behaviors with a “Voice Clicker” (1:47)
  12. Aggressive Games (tug-of-war, chasing and free elevation) (2:58)
  13. Bite Inhibition: teach your dog to not bite (1:41)
  14. “Gentle Leader Head Collar” and “Gentler Leader Easy Walk Harness” (4:56)
  15. Other Canine Products (10:10)
  16. Commands and Exercises Intro (0:34)
  17. First Two Weeks: Bringing Home a New Puppy or Older Rescue Dog (7:39)
  18. Crate Placement (3:12)
  19. “Kennel Up” Command (5:50)
  20. Five Golden Rules of House Training (7:01)
  21. House Breaking Bells to Avoid Potty Accidents (3:51)
  22. Your Voice / Giving Commands (0:32)
  23. Intro to Commands — “Off” Command (3:28)
  24. “Up” Command (0:49)
  25. “Fetch” — “Drop it” Commands (2:01)
  26. “Come” — “Sit” Commands (5:16)
  27. “Leave it” — “Take” Commands (4:09)
  28. “On Your Bed” — “Down” — “Stay” Commands (5:25)
  29. “Wait” Command (5:24)
  30. Ignoring and Its Training Value (1:28)
  31. Hide & Seek and Mind Games (2:04)
  32. Socialization: Doggy Day Care and Dog Parks (2:58)
  33. Spaying and Neutering (1:53)
  34. Your Veterinarian is Vital to Your Pet’s Health (1:33)
  35. Food and Plant Poisons (0:47)
  36. Let’s Review What You’ve Learned (7:17)
  37. Conclusion – Check-in with Donna (1:10)

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Canine Behavior Training for Puppies and Dogs

What’s the difference? A lifetime of results.

Traditional Group Dog Training Course Good Dog! ONE-der Class Training Video by Donna Chandler
3 Commands a Week for 6 Weeks: You and your dog will learn about 3 hand cues and commands each week during a traditional 6-week dog training group class, like those taught at big-box pet stores. 12 Commands and Much More in ONE Class: You’ll learn 12 essential commands and 4 easy exercises for practicing them with your dog. The class also covers the 5 Golden Rules to House-Training, how to go on a walk, how to train your dog just by interacting with him/her on a daily basis, and much more!
Then 12 More Weeks of Classes: To complete the full series of traditional multi-week courses offered, you’ll need to commit to and pay for about 18 weeks of scheduled classes. Access Any Day, Any Time, From Any Device: Our class lives in the cloud, so during your training period you can watch (and re-watch) the videos whenever you want on any web-connected device you choose.
Professional Dog Trainers: Traditional dog training classes will usually supply “accredited” or “certified” dog trainers. You should understand that not all certifications are the same, not all accreditation organization are the same, and not all trainer experience levels are the same. Nationally-Renowned Canine Trainer & Behaviorist: Donna Chandler is the best-selling author of Good Dog! and she is approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. She also provides seminars nationally for veterinarians to obtain continuing education credits and serves as an expert witness in legal cases involving canine behavior.
  Local Training Resources: After using the Good Dog! ONE-der Class to train your dog, you’ll have access to Beverly’s Pet Resort for training reinforcement or behavior modification during daycare sessions and overnight boarding stays. Our staff has been and is continually personally trained by Donna Chandler.
  Follow-Up Emails: After you’ve watched the video and started training your dog, if you have a question about the ongoing training process with your dog you can send an email to Donna Chandler.

Training is Essential for Good Dog Behavior

Enroll Now in Online Video Dog Training Class

After you train your dog by using my veterinarian-approved program, you’ll begin a harmonized journey with your dog and your family! Together we can change the statistics of abandoned dogs.


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